Top 5 Commercial Rug Designs

Top 5 Commercial Rug Designs

It is not easy to select commercial rugs for business premises. The floor is a very big space and, therefore, represents the appearance of your business. You want to make a good impression on your customers and also provide a comfortable and appealing working space for all the employees. There are some things to consider before choosing the right carpet design for your business.


To determine whether a commercial rug is suitable for your business, the first step is finding out about its fire ratings for safety purposes. Many people get killed by smoke inhalation, so buy a material that will keep the levels down in case of a fire. Your commercial carpet should pass the Smoke Chamber Test with a score of 450 or less. The carpet also needs to withstand different things like chemical exposures, wetness, traffic and weather exposure.


Any commercial facility receives a lot of traffic than a residential home. It is, therefore, true to say that you will need a durable commercial carpet for your business. You will find commercial rugs that are designed to withstand heavy traffic in a business premise. When determining the durability of a rug, consider density, pattern and colour.


When considering the purchase of a commercial rug, cost is usually one of the basic factors to remember. Take note that that the denser the carpet, the costlier it is going to be. So, if you have a small business that does not get heavy human traffic, go for a carpet with minimal density.

Top 5 Commercial Carpet Designs


These themes include fauna and flora from the tropics. If you want to keep the mood in your office cheerful, this is the best rug design you can get. Such rugs make people feel like they are on islands due to their sunny appearance. You can use them if your business is frequented by families as they will keep everyone’s mood elevated, especially the children who tend to get fussy. A tropical-designed rug will give a light and sunny atmosphere in your business.

Geometric Style Rugs

Rugs with small smart shapes across them are back. They are making great rug designs to give your room an abstract and swanky room. If you own a learning institution, this is the best rug design for your office.

Patterned Designs

These are also making a big comeback. They are designed with abstract repeat patterns that come in small sizes. Ranging from animal paw prints to logos belonging to well-known TV characters, these rugs are becoming very desirable. One reason they have become very popular is the fact that they can come in an interesting range of customised designs.

Ocean Design Rugs

These usually come in different colours. They bring out the charm of an open sea. Whether you want to show the sea waves or a mystical ocean creature, you will find an ocean-themed rug with every shape and hue. These give a room the feeling of elegance and touch. You can choose to have one laid in the customers’ waiting area or hang one in your office for that nautically-themed design that brings life to your room.

Contrasts Rugs

These are also making a big comeback to the market. Many designers are choosing the slick contrast between dark and light with these rugs to create an entirely different style from contrast designs. Such rugs stand out in any room and will prove very welcoming to your customers. While choosing a contrast-design rug, choose shades that match with the décor of your entire office and add life to it.

Make the right decision while buying a rug for your business as there are even more designs to choose from.