Things to consider before you buy a safe box

Things to consider before you buy a safe box

Locking up your valuables such as jewelry, business documents, school and birth certificates and social security card will not always assure that your things are secure from thieves and fire. While Safes are one of the best ways used to safeguard your valuables, it is good to know that not all safes are equal. Therefore, you need to make sure you choose the best safe that will guarantee maximum security. Investing in Stockinger safes is the best way to ensure that your valuables are secure irrespective of the ordeal.

However, choosing the best safe box tends to be a challenge to most people, just because they are numerous in the market. However, here are some of the things you need to consider when looking for the best safe box.

Valuable to be kept in the box
What you intend to put in the safe box must be your primary point of analysis. While most people believe that all safes are the same, this is always different. Even if it is the layout used in the safe box or the level of protection, many safes are designed to protect a distinct type of item. Therefore, you will come across many safe boxes that are designed to safeguard different items such as media documents, cash, guns and other valuables.

The cost of the safe box
With almost $100 or more, you can buy a fireproof safe box. Even though it is smaller in size compared to the normal safe, it has sufficient space where a stack of valuable files and documents can be stored. Safes with the dimension ranging from 1.2 to 1.3 cubic feet will have a price range of $120-$300. Bigger safes tend to be more expensive and complementing components such as drawers and shelves will increase the price.

Where to put the safe
Note that the most suitable site to place your safe will depend on the layout of the house, even though there are some other things worthy to consider. Your master bedroom might not be the most appropriate place for your safe box because this is the first stop for thieves. Therefore, your house basement might be a perfect location for your safe from a fire-protection viewpoint. However, if your house is in floods prone areas, the safe might be at greater risk in the basement.

Types of lock needed
Getting a safe is a brilliant investment to protect your valuables from fire and burglary. However, consider that they safes are available in different locks; hence you need to choose the best safe that suits your needs.

Aselectronic lock
Also called digital keypad, the aselectronic lock requires you to input numeric PIN to the bolt to unlock the safe. The digits of the numerical in the PIN are usually determined by the company that manufactured the safe. In case you enter an incorrect PIN severally, the safe will be disabled automatically for almost ten minutes.

Combination lock
This is one of the oldest locking devices that entail entering three-key combinations to unlock the safe. Most designers pre-determine the combinations for the specific lock thus it is not possible to change the numeric code. You must send a serial number to the manufacturer if you happen to misplace the code.