Cost Effective Mobility Improvements at Home

Cost Effective Mobility Improvements at Home

People tend to take their mobility for granted and it is only when movement is restricted that they realise how much they rely on the ability to move. It might be an injury or illness, or simply old age that limits our movement, yet there are accessories that can really make a difference to mobility at home and with state of the art mobility scooters, it is possible to do your local shopping and move around the house and garden.

Maximise the Living Space

For many elderly, people, the upstairs is not accessible and they are past the point of struggling to ascend and accept that the second floor is no longer an option. A reconditioned stair lift will not cost a fortune and once again, you can enjoy that part of the home that was out of bounds for so long. There are many types of stair lifts, with straight or curved units that can be fabricated to fit. Effortless operation is assured and with all the safety options, you can independently move from floor to floor without requiring assistance from anyone.

Mobile Scooters

This brings complete mobility, both inside and out, with many users happy to take a ride to the local supermarket. There are special scooter lanes that make moving around a safe experience and the electric powered units will run for a good few miles between charges. These units are designed to have minimal maintenance and recharging couldn’t be simpler, making it the ideal mobility solution. If you have an adequate budget, buying new ensures many years of trouble-free use and when you no longer have the need, you can easily sell it back to the original supplier. On the other hand, if you would prefer a cheaper alternative, buying a used reconditioned model is the best solution.

Special Bathroom Design

The bathroom is the one place where safety is especially important. Wet and very hard surfaces can easily cause serious injury and with a few accessories and a disabled shower unit fitted, you can enjoy a much higher level of safety when using the bathroom. If you would like to know more about bathroom mobility features, an online search will land you on the website of a leading supplier and whether you are looking for a stair lift in Cardiff or a mobility scooter in Newport, they would have an extensive inventory of new and used models for sale.

Regain your Independence

No one likes to lose their freedom of movement and we tend to feel guilty when we require assistance moving around our own home and for many people, a stair lift and mobility scooter is all they need to enjoy total independence. It costs nothing to explore the possibilities and with a Google search, you can quickly determine the cost.

A reconditioned mobility scooter, for example, will save you a lot and yet it will still perform as a new machine and as it has been thoroughly inspected and any worn components replaced, it is basically as good as new.