A Guide to Kitchen Appliance Care

A Guide to Kitchen Appliance Care

The average UK home contains several key domestic kitchen appliances and like any other expensive product, your fridge or oven needs some tender loving care. The modern household appliance is designed to give many years of trouble-free use and it needs regular cleaning to ensure it performs as it should, and with that in mind, here are some useful tips on how to get the best out of your major kitchen appliances.

The Oven

Whether gas or electric, your oven is an essential part of the kitchen and therefore should be kept spotless inside and out. Some people prefer a self-cleaning oven, which does save you some elbow grease, and this cleaning process uses heat to clean the interior. In the event of a sudden breakdown, there are affordable gas oven repairs in Uxbridge and surrounding areas and if the unit cannot be fixed on the spot, the technicians would take the appliance back to their depot, where they can work in comfortable surroundings. The exterior surface should always be wiped down with a damp cloth and there should be no obstructions behind the appliance as this could seriously impede cooling.

The Washing Machine

Another workhorse, the typical family washing machine rarely has a day off and without regular cleaning and inspections, things can easily go wrong. The filters need to be cleaned out periodically and by referring to the manual, you will be able to locate these without a problem. The hoses should be periodically inspected for rust or erosion and make sure there are no obstructions around the appliance and that it is firmly seated on a level base.

The Tumble Dryer

This is an essential appliance as the British weather is not conducive with drying clothes outside and in order to get maximum use, the dryer needs to be kept clean and the air filters need to be either replaced or cleaned, depending on the make and model. The filters are typically rectangular pieces of lint which catch dirt and dust particles and are easy to clean. Tumble dryers require decent airflow and providing the filters are regularly cleaned and there are no exterior obstructions, the airflow should be sufficient for optimum drying.

The Dishwasher

This appliance also has filters that need to be cleaned on a regular basis and by referring to the owner’s manual, you should easily be able to locate them. The rubber seal on the door is a collection point for food particles and as this area does not get rinsed during the cleaning cycle, you should clean it thoroughly with a damp cloth.

Despite keeping appliances clean and carrying out regular maintenance, things do go wrong, which is why you should source a reliable appliance repair centre and whenever one of your essential appliances malfunctions, the repair company can fix it. Wherever you live in the UK, an online search is the easiest way to locate an appliance repair centre and with their help, your domestic appliances will always be in good working order.