Can You Really Reduce Heat Losses In Your Room With The Help Of Curtains?

Can You Really Reduce Heat Losses In Your Room With The Help Of Curtains?

During the winter season we really try to keep our home interiors warm, so that we can feel comfortable. In order to do that we want to make sure that no heat gets escaped from inside the rooms to external atmosphere. Containing the heat within will also lead to saving some energy cost, as well. One of the best methods of conserving heat inside the room could be by using thick curtains. These curtains are also known as heat saving curtains or block out curtains, as it blocks the patch and disallow the interior heat to escape outdoors.

Block out Curtains

Block curtains are popularly known as Kardinad in Estonia, which does not allow the light to pass through the window into the room. Basically, people hang curtains mainly to create serene atmosphere inside and besides that there are plenty of benefits of hanging curtains in the room.

Block out curtains can be created in two different ways. You will find this type of curtain is generally made out of very thick fabric, so that it will not allow any light from outdoors to pass through it. There is another variety, which is called triple weave where three layers of fabrics are stitched together. Between each layer sometime an insulated foam coating is also added. However from the outside it looks like a normal curtain.

How block out curtains prevent heat loss?

Block out curtain in fact works as a thick barrier between your room and the window. Generally, hot air will try to escape wherever least resistance is offered and since warmer air is lighter and hence it will tend to flow into denser medium i.e. cool atmosphere outside. Therefore if there is slightest crack or gap present in the window then the hot air will try to escape from that path. With the help of block out curtain we can create an additional layer between inside atmosphere and the window. Therefore in very simple manner you can block the hot air to escape from the room and thus your room remains warm. This also helps you to save electrical energy for the heaters placed to keep the room warm.

Block out curtain is available in various styles

Block out curtain individually is not so thick and heavy as such, as there are different layers of slim fabrics stitched together to create a thick layer. You can get such block out curtains in many different colors and styles to match the decor of your room. If you are interested to buy such curtain then you can get it from market. Also there are number of online shops that market wide variety of such block out curtain. They are available in standard sizes and you can also get it tailored as per the size of your window.

If you look for this type of block out curtain then Avaeksperdid is one of the well known brands that is quite popular in the market. This type of curtain is considered to be quite effecting in blocking hot air to move out. You can get it in many different colors, at reasonable price.

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