4 Tips for Building Add On Porch

4 Tips for Building Add On Porch

A porch is more than just a deck and a roof. It is an extension to your house. It has to be more than just a section that protrudes out in the front. So if you are planning to get add on porch Minnesota you may want to think it through carefully. Here are a few tips that will help you make an informed decision for adding a porch to the house.

  1. Choose the Location Carefully

Like we said earlier, the porch is going to be an extension to your house. So you ought to think carefully when selecting a location. You don’t want the porch to make a certain area of the house hard to access. You don’t want it to obstruct the natural light your house gets. A porch should also be located in a section where it will be used.

  1. Style of the Porch

Once you have decided the location, next you have decide the architectural style. A Victorian era porch design on a craftsman style cottage will just stick out like a sore thumb. So pay attention to the style that would be ideal. Rule of the thumb is to follow the architectural style of the house itself to make it blend well.

  1. Choose the Foundation

An add on porch can be built on a concrete slab, a compacted gravel, or even piers and beams. You have to decide what foundation will work best for you. Also ensure that the foundation slopes away from the house so that the windblown rain or snowmelt can drain away.

  1. Choose the Roof Style

You can have a flat roof as well as a sloped roof for the porch. The selection should match to the architectural style to retain the aesthetics of the porch.