5 Best Technologies Garbage Trucks Should Have

5 Best Technologies Garbage Trucks Should Have

People say the necessity is the mother of invention. And today’s fast-paced world has prompted different industries to create and look for more innovative technologies and systems to make their everyday operations to become more efficient and effective.

The solid waste industry is not exempted from this development. In the United States alone, garbage amounting to 230 million tons are generated on a yearly basis. Over 100,000 waste disposal and recycling trucks operate in the country to make sure that garbages are taken cared of properly. To guarantee a smooth workflow, businesses belonging to this sector have adopted different technologies offering different solutions — from trading traditional, diesel-powered garbage trucks for greener counterparts to using a waste management routing software in order to economize the deployment of their fleet of garbage-collecting vehicles.

Have a glimpse of the future of garbage trucks with these forward-thinking technologies:

“Green” Trucks

With news of global warming and thinning of the ozone layer, industries are now shifting into campaigns and endeavors that environment-friendly. In the solid waste industry, more and more companies are now using alternative fuels (e.g., biofuel, biodiesel) to help reduce the number of greenhouse gases emitted by the sector.

There are also companies who are now investing in hybrid and electric garbage trucks to further conserve energy. These vehicles also aid in cutting down overall operating costs.

Garbage Collecting Robots

A lot of things are now being automated, and a future where robots will be tapped to collect solid wastes isn’t too far off. As of writing, there are already companies that are looking into this kind of technology. Supervised by a staff or by the truck’s driver himself, these sensor-operated robots will do the job of lifting and transporting rather heavy and foul-smelling trashes.

Waste Management Routing Software

To improve the logistics involved in the solid waste industry, many businesses are now utilizing a waste management routing software. This tool is beneficial in choosing the most optimal routes to take, in monitoring the location of the garbage trucks, and in ensuring that the vehicles have safely arrived in their designated areas.

Software like this can also be helpful in reducing operational expenses and in boosting the productivity of the drivers.

Safety Gears and Software

The responsibilities of a waste management and recycling company go beyond just collecting trashes and recycling them or disposing of them properly. The firm must also look after the safety of the personnel involved in their operations, especially those deployed in the field. Installing drive cams and making use of advanced safety software can go a long way.

Maintenance and Repair

The different types of garbage trucks entail different maintenance and repair procedures. Though considered the most productive, automated side loaders are also the most difficult and most costly to maintain. Their front end and rear loader counterparts are less complex, however, a majority of these vehicles’ components are subject to a fast wear-and-tear. The easiest to maintain are the roll-offs. Depending on which trucks your company has, make sure to employ a maintenance and repair system that will help prolong their life.

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