Benefits of Moving Your Home to Pickering

Benefits of Moving Your Home to Pickering

Pickering is a small, peaceful town located in Southern Ontario, on the east side of Toronto. This is a welcoming and friendly community, ideal for starting a family or launching a new business. It is perfectly located on the map which is why it offers a lot for its residents. It may be a small town, but the benefits of moving your home to Pickering are huge.

Small town, great location

The City of Pickering has a great position. It is surrounded by Toronto and Rouge Park on the West, Ajax on the East, and Lake Ontario on the South. This is a perfect location for all of you who like to be surrounded by nature, but also close to a big town like Toronto. Maybe it will inspire you to create a beautiful looking landscape in your backyard.

For those who don’t like living in a small town, without numerous stores and malls, a comforting thing will be the fact that Toronto is just 30 minutes’ drive away from Pickering. You can always go there and meet up with your friends. Also, don’t forget the popularity of Toronto. Sometimes it is almost impossible to find a decent home there. So, why settle for a mediocre house in Toronto, when you can have a top notch in Pickering?

Pickering is just 30 minutes’ drive away from all the important amenities in Toronto.

Educational potential of schools in Pickering

Pickering has 19 public schools that are ranking high every year and three great Universities nearby. If you are moving your home to Pickering, know your soon-to-be-students will be taken care of. Although this is a small town, it offers a great educational experience for your children. Actually, smaller cities most of the times have a better school system. Student groups aren’t as crowded as in big towns. This gives the opportunity for teachers to dedicate their complete attention to every student equally. The results can be seen in better grades and wider knowledge. If this is the type of the education you want for your kids, moving to Pickering is something you’ll need to do. But before buying a home, you will need to know what is the best season to buy a house for your family.

Schools in Pickering rank high every year.

Moving to Pickering

After you find the perfect home for you and your family in Pickering, all you need to do is make the relocation happen. Since the relocation can be stressful and overwhelming, you should find Pickering professionals that offer moving services. Hiring professionals will make the whole process go as smooth as possible. No problem will stand in your way to get to know Pickering.

Locals will help you after moving your home to Pickering

Residents of Pickering are very polite and friendly. After moving your home to Pickering doesn’t be afraid to ask the locals to help you. They will gladly show you where is the best grocery store or farmer’s market with fresh and healthy ingredients. They can recommend you the best restaurants and bars, or answer any other questions you might have. And don’t forget that locals know the best-hidden places in their city. It would be such a shame for you to miss the opportunity to enjoy in them.

Places near Pickering

Because of its position, Pickering makes the best starting point if you want to travel to the most popular attractions and amenities in its vicinity. These beautiful places are waiting for you just around the corner. Apart from the glorious waterfront, numerous museums and galleries in Pickering, you can explore its neighborhood, too. Here are only some of the attractions worth stopping by after your relocation.


Toronto is the capital city of Ontario. It is very close to Pickering, so you can make a stop here whenever you want. This is a great city in which you will never be bored. There is something for everyone. Great food, famous nightlife, interesting culture, rich history… But even though it offers a lot, many of its residents decide to start a new life in its quiet neighborhoods, like Pickering. If this is the type of situation you are in, know that High Level Movers Toronto will be your most reliable friend.

Toronto is a city you will fall in love with.

Lake Ontario 

This is one of the five great lakes of North America, located South of the Pickering. It maybe is the smallest from the Great Five, but it compensates it with its depth. Because of this, during the cold months, it can’t freeze completely. The last time this happened was in 1934.

Lake Ontario is the favorite place for fishermen. This is because the water of the other four Great Lakes must go through the Lake Ontario in order to make it to the Atlantic Ocean. Meaning, more fish for the hungry fishermen. Sadly, their activities led to the extinction of at least ten species of fish.

Rouge National Urban Park

Do you feel a little adventurous? Then start with packing a weekend travel bag and head to Rouge National Urban Park. This national park is a great place for those who want to escape from the everyday stressful life. Its nature will help you to forget your problems and will let you enjoy in its treasures.

In this national park you can:

  • Relax at the Rouge Beach.Enjoy on a sandy beach, watch the birds, play with your children and have a perfect Sunday.
  • Walk on the marked paths and explore all the hidden ones, but be careful!
  • Find a guide and take a tour. You will learn something about the park and also have a great time.
  • Camp with your new friends. If you don’t know how to camp, there are short courses which will help you learn it. This can be a great beginning of a new friendship after moving your home to Pickering.
  • Chargeyour batteries and get ready for your new adventures in Pickering.