What to consider while choosing an inverter for your solar panel

What to consider while choosing an inverter for your solar panel

Solar panel need inverter to convert the DC voltage produced into AC voltage to make it usable for household appliances. The solar inverter takes the DC as input and after converting it will give the output in AC.

The cost of solar inverters depends on the specifications on which it will operate. These things should also be kept in mind while buying an inverter for your solar power grid. The things to ponder while making purchases of a solar invert are:

Type of system used: in solar panel there are three kinds of systems, namely off-the-grid, grid-tied and hybrid. For an off-the-grid solar panel system you need to buy a heavy duty inverter. As this kind of systems are used to run all the appliances so the inverter should be strong enough to bear the power weight of all the appliances.

When you are using a grid-tied system which works with a bidirectional flow of current. The grid also needs electricity to operate. So a bidirectional inverter in the best one to be considered for this type of solar panel kit.

The capacity of a solar inverter affects its price as it also affects working of your whole solar power grid. More the capacity of solar inverter more is its price.

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Output of the inverter: the output of the solar inverter and the capacity of it are two different things to be considered while purchasing a solar inverter for your grid. The output of your solar inverter affects the total load to be attached to it, so the output should not be considered to be same as the capacity of the inverter. The capacity of a solar inverter is the term related to the total DC intake to convert it into AC while the output is the total AC voltage produced after conversion.