Ways to dispose of yard waste

Ways to dispose of yard waste

People prefer to use a dumpster in Sarasota FL; it is their initiative towards cleanliness. When it comes to yard waste, it is tough to choose the right method. People use yard waste Dumpster Sarasota FL to handle the yard waste and dispose of it with ease. There are several methods of disposing of yard wasteHere are some of the most effective ways to tackle yard waste.


This is the most eco-friendly way to handle green waste. Green waste includes leaves, grass, brush, plants, hedge clippings, flowers, etc. All green waste is compostable. Composting reduces cost and provides valuable resources. It is good for growing indoor or outdoor plants.

Curbside yard waste pick-up

Contact your waste service providers if they can provide leaf bags, yard waste roll cards, or any type of leaf /yard debris collection on a monthly or weekly basis. Some carriers do not accept bulk yard pick-up. So, make sure to ask them about it before hiring them. It is the easiest way of disposing of yard waste.

Yard waste Dumpster rental

Mini dumpsters are best fit to accommodate residential or light commercial yard waste such as disposing of garden waste, down waste, or a large amount of leaves. So, you have to ensure that dumpster can accommodate the weight of waste.

DIY Drop-off

Yard waste bags are the best way to gather and transport brush, small twigs, and leaves. Carry your waste in a bag of your choice, load them on the vehicles drive them to the nearest yard waste collection center. The waste is composted and repurposed to act as firewood.

Professional cleanup services

Some cleaning jobs are best left for the professionals. Clearing fallen trees are one of those jobs. A tree removable company can handle this job quickly and some junk removal company also has equipment for lifting the heavy logs into dumpsters.