Tips On Booking Excellent Movers

Tips On Booking Excellent Movers

Unsure of what to do on your first move? Or is it your nth time and you still encounter serious problems with a moving company during your move? Here are a few tips on booking excellent movers and what to do.

  1. Create An Inventory

It can be either you create an inventory of your items for them to review or they visit your area to estimate materials and equipment needed on your moving day. It’s better if they check on your items to estimate the weight, space, and cost it’ll all take. A garage roll-up door needs great services for removalists Sydney to Brisbane like Bill Removalists Sydney when removing, special tools and extra care are needed when removing house items like this. After your moving company has done a survey, they will give you an estimate. Be sure to check the estimate thoroughly, and it should be as accurate as possible.

  1. Ask For A Briefing

When an estimator is surveying your house, ask him for a briefing on the flow of activities. Ask him which items should be prepared before the move, which ones should be disposed of and if they can cover everything. There will be items you would plan to sell, donate, or would want to go with you during the move. Make a list of these items so that it won’t be included in the estimate and to lessen your expenses. Make sure it is clear for both of you on what would happen on your moving day.

  1. Don’t Pay Everything At Once

When you’ve officially hired a moving company, don’t pay everything all at once. You can make an initial deposit and pay the rest after your items have been moved. Reputable movers would not demand a large initial payment before the move. Paying with a credit card can be a safer move since you can track their account as to where the payment will go then you can report them later on if you’ve been scammed.

  1. Choose A Reputable Moving Company

You must choose a reputable moving company, either they’ve been in the business for so long or are just starting. Review their past customer experiences so you’d have an idea on how they work. You can ask for their business permits and license to ensure further that you can trust them. Beware of companies with employees that neglect the safety of the items of their clients when packing; this can result in damages and misplacement of items.

  1. Ask Friends For Recommendations

Ask friends and family for recommendations, if they know a moving company that can do the job well. You can find reputable movers like through search engines, advertisements, recommendations, social media, etc. Asking people you know can be a better source so you know you can trust their advice.

  1. Beware Of Extra Fees

The estimate given to you after the survey may not be all you are paying for. Some companies have extra fees on the day you move. They might charge if there would be a sudden change in plans like additional space needed, or if they provide the packing items, or if the movers need to navigate through stairs and wait in elevators when delivering your items.

  1. Avoid Signing A Blank Contract

Never sign a blank contract from a moving company or not; this can result in a serious problem later on. Sign the contract after they have written every condition. Fees, estimates, materials consumed, every detail should be written. Read the contract thoroughly to avoid being scammed and framed up.

  1. Ask For Insurance

The moving company you hire should be liable for your belongings, especially during transport. Get a valuation of all your items and ask them for a separate contract for insurance. If in case any damage is done to your items, they would be obligated to replace it or pay for it.

Final Word

If you’ve had any problems with the movers or with your items, report immediately to their office to address the issue. But if you’ve been scammed, report to the authorities, this way they can be punished and be stopped with their acts. Booking a reputable moving company should be the better option, never settle for less. You wouldn’t want to end up in an empty house.

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