Things You Should Not Forget To Keep Productivity Up When Moving Your Business

Things You Should Not Forget To Keep Productivity Up When Moving Your Business

Moving your business is such a huge and complicated affair it often leaves you and your team drained. It takes a lot of time and even money. Before you know it, you hardly get anything productive done. There are better ways to move businesses – one that guarantees you will not meet any hiccup and compromise your business transactions.

Here are a few things to remember:

1. Give yourselves enough time.

Unless there is a dire reason to move as soon as possible, give yourself and your team at least six months to a year. This will be enough time to plan the specifics of the move, such as the items you need to bring, transport company to hire, and even who is going with the move.

Do not expect everyone to change locations. Some of them may prefer to look for another job, so this lead time allows them to give you two weeks’ notice so you can hire or train somebody else.

The lead time also removes the stress that comes with moving. You can even move gradually just to make sure your business operations do not get disrupted significantly.

2. Inform your customers.

You need to do this even if you are doing business online. One, remember, doing business is about honesty and credibility. Letting them know ahead is a good way to do that. Second, your move can affect the length or interval of correspondence, as well as shipping or delivery.

There are different ways to let your customers know about the change of address. You can send a text broadcast, add the news in your newsletter, post a note in your shop, or share it on social media. If necessary, publish on newspapers.

3. Choose your transport company early.

One of the better ways to move businesses is to hire a transport company. The time you spend packing and transporting can now be allotted to your business operations. Besides, you are not an expert in these.

Transport companies, though, come in different prices and list of services. Considering how moving is not cheap, in general, you may consider finding the most affordable in the market. Rather than focus on the costs, think about the overall value.

The best transport company should provide you with general liability insurance. Further, they must have enough people to carry the items from the office to the truck and then to your new space.

4. Get the right supplies.

Moving is stressful enough. Do not add it by discovering damaged furniture pieces and other items. You can avoid that by having the right supplies, such as furniture straps that keep tall and heavy furniture like cabinets and drawers steady. If you think buying them is a hassle, look for a transport company that offers them.

There are indeed better ways to move businesses. These include not planning the move by yourself. Rather, make it a team effort. It not only helps reduce the stress, but it also makes the experience more pleasant and memorable.
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