Six Designer Brand Lighting You Can Consider For Your Home

Six Designer Brand Lighting You Can Consider For Your Home

One of the best things to do when you have your apartment or home is to do interior designing. This includes choosing furniture and buying the right lighting fixtures to create the ambiance you want in your house. You should also consider colors, curtains, as well as how you would use ceilings and walls to create the home of your dreams.

There are many designer lighting you can consider for your home, but one brand you can consider is gray pants. There are different kinds of gray pants lighting available depending on the style that you want for your home.

Gray pants started in 2008 and had teams that operate in Amsterdam and Seattle.

The key distinction with gray pants lighting is that they find scrap cardboard to help them design the lights. They are a favorite among people because they are environmentally friendly and very affordable.

You have many options to choose from. They have their trademark scrap lights which come in different shapes such as dome shape, hive shape, or disc shape. These lights could be hanged from the ceiling, or it can serve as desk lamps.

They also have their Scrap lights white series which highlight the purity of their scrap lights. If you have a small apartment, these white lights can help make your place more spacious and give a nice aura of serenity.

Another notable series they have is kerflights which use high-quality birch plywood. It is FSC-certified, and the finishes are non-toxic making it safe for homes with young children.

Mar set is another designer brand lighting that can bring some personality and a contemporary ambiance to your home. It started in 1942 and had grown to be a dominant brand internationally. It recently garnered an award for its Topolina lamp and atlas series. They have various lamps for your different needs including table, portable, and ceiling and wall lamps.

Louis Poulsen is also a good choice for designer lighting for your home. It has existed for almost 100 years now. If you’re into large pendant lamps, Louis Poulson is a good choice for you as these are their trademark lamps, e.g., PH Snowball and Artichoke.

You can also consider a Le Klint if you like classic lamp shade that still looks modern and contemporary. With its highly trained lamp artisans, the shades of the lamps are hand pleated, and hand folded. Also, it is anti-static!

Flos is another giant in the world of designer lighting. They started in 1962 and grew to become a large lighting firm that can provide customized lighting solutions to both residential and commercial spaces. They showcase primarily modern designs and tap esteemed lighting designers like JorisLaarman and Gino Sarfatti.

Finally, we have Lee Broom, a leading British interior designer. He is a multi-awarded designer and has had his work featured in many interior design magazines. He is well known for his company’s Heritage Boy series of 2009. He designs contemporary lamps and has a strong focus on the manufacturing component in this business.