London Stone: A Natural Stone Supplier with Great Ethics

London Stone: A Natural Stone Supplier with Great Ethics

When it comes to purchasing natural stone there are many natural stone suppliers out there for people to choose from, many of which offering beautiful, high-quality stone – However when looking for a natural stone supplier that not only offers great quality stone paving and products at highly competitive prices but also boasts fabulous ethics all-round there really is only one company – and that company is, London Stone.

London Stone are renowned throughout the country not only for the amazing collection of natural stone which they offer but also for the great charity work that they do and their great attention to ensure that all of their stone has been sourced as ethically as possible.

Ethics in Natural Stone

London stone is a supplier of natural stone that values every single person within their supply chain, not only in England but in all locations. All of their project managers, delivery drivers, sales people, stone masons etc. are treated 100% ethically at all times! The company also do a lot of charity work including but not limited to the following:

Child Labour Free Zones

In 2015 London Stone participated in a project that was set to create child labour free zones (CLFZ) in Budhpura, one of Rajasthan’s major cobble producing regions. The main aim of this project was to persuade as many of the community that children should be in school regardless – no matter what and that they should not be being forced into laborious work.

Thank you to this project hundreds of children were able to enrol into formal education which is simply amazing – mobilising an entire community and providing children with hopefully what they need to take control of their own futures.

Anyone looking for more information on this or anyone who deems this a great cause and wants to help should check out the No Child Left Behind website today for further advice and guidance.

The Forest Trust

In 2015 London Stone also signed up to the Forest Trust’s Responsible Stone programme, opening up their entire foreign supply chain to scrutiny and highlighting how open and transparent they are about all of their work.

This programme ensures that all of London Stone’s workplace conditions abroad are:

  • Safe and hygienic
  • That no child labour is used
  • That working hours are not excessive
  • That living wages are paid

More information regarding this scheme can be seen here:

A Company to Trust

If you are currently looking to buy natural stone paving, no matter what your individual needs and requirements may be, we are certain that London Stone will be able to assist you! Caring for their entire supply chain and putting ethics above everything else, when shopping with London Stone customers are able to rest assured knowing that they are going to be cared for and catered for impeccably.