Living Room Decoration Of A Condo

Living Room Decoration Of A Condo

First, answer that question: What is the use of your living room? Will it be just a social space to receive friends and family? Or will it also be your space for comfort and leisure, including TV and other electronics in this environment? What will you do when u rent or buy a condo (เช่า หรือ ซื้อ คอน โดwhich is the term in Thai)?

This is the fundamental question you should ask yourself before thinking about the decoration of the living room; after all, if you have an entire space, such as the TV room, you can already exclude some items from this environment, otherwise, integrate with the maximum!

Get the measurements right.

This is a crucial point to decorate the room; if your space is small, you should invest in compact furniture, lighting, and light colors, for example. Below you can find a list with more tips for choosing the ideal measures:

  • Sofa: Before choosing the sofa model you want, check the available measures in the room, and consider space for circulation between it and the other furniture. In addition, when checking the measurements of your sofa, please pay attention to the number of people it accommodates; the average is 60cm per person, but remember that you need to discount the size of the sofa arm.
  • Extra tip: If your space is small and you want to accommodate as many people as possible, choose a sofa with no armrest or with the narrowest possible arm so that you will make the most of the space.
  • Coffee table: To include the table in the room, the same rule applies to the sofa; leave space for circulation, the indicated is at least 70cm of space for the sofa and the rack. If you want to know the best table format for each style of the room, check out this article on tables in decoration.If you do not have enough space for a coffee table, you can bet on a side table, it is perfect for narrow rooms, and it is as functional and versatile as the coffee table, and it leaves the atmosphere very charming!
  • TV rack: This furniture must be chosen according to the available wall size and the TV you want to use. Here, it is worth taking care not to cover the whole wall, leave too much space, make the most of the space and make it look well harmonized.

* The average distance that must exist between the sofa and the TV is 2 meters, but this varies according to the size of your TV; the larger it is, the greater the distance should be.