Last-Minute Purchases That Can Increase Your Property Value

Last-Minute Purchases That Can Increase Your Property Value

Selling a house isn’t always as easy as we’d like it to be. As we navigate the preparations, assessments, and bureaucracy, we can be further motivated to ensure our property earns as great a return as possible. Additionally, there is the appeal to consider, attracting the right buyer who is willing to pay our ideal price, all while managing expectations against competition within the area.

Such fraught pursuits can be difficult but, thankfully, there are also easier ways to save a better return on investment. You might know of certain advice steering spending toward the areas of a home that have the most impact, such as a kitchen and bathroom, but are you familiar with the last-minute purchases that can also increase your property value?

Smart Boiler

Modernising your boiler before a sale has always been a worthy investment. However, now, it is the smart boiler that will most likely increase your properties value. Not only are buyers assured of the longevity of a new boiler, something that will save them in utility costs, but a smart boiler is also a sign of future-proofing and a greater overall luxury.

Luxury Shower

A well-designed bathroom is, as many estate agents will know, the most beneficial feature a home can have when on the market. As a part of this, if you’re looking to make a last-minute purchase and improvement to your home, installing a luxury shower feature, one that improves the experience and, importantly the pressure, of showering, will help to raise the impression of quality your home makes.


Those who have a garden space may find themselves in a rut. Gardens, while popular, can lead to lower offers being made if there is substantial work to be done or if there are ongoing maintenance requirements. As a result, more sellers are seeking to design their gardens in ways that require little upkeep while still being appealing. Outbuildings like log cabins are the ideal way to do this and decadent installations can now be purchased and installed affordably and easily.

Wood-Burning Stove

While some houses will not have the option to enjoy a wood-burning stove, those that do will benefit greatly from installing one. Despite the restrictions now in place for wet woods and the required storage for fuel, they remain one of the most desirable additions to a home for both practical and aesthetic reasons.


Whereas once a pantry was reserved for the old-fashioned, a new generation of homeowners are in adoration of the cottagecore storage option. While some pantries are built directly into homes, free-standing pantries can be purchased and added to kitchens to improve storage options while contributing to an organic, traditional aesthetic.


The luxury of a projector is typically prevented by the required wiring. If you’re willing to install the essential features and foundations, however, allowing a buyer to take over or install their own projector, you’re offering an entertainment feature that few others will, placing your home ahead of the competition.