Know your moving estimates before you move

Know your moving estimates before you move

When you are planning to relocate, you can expect to face at least some costs whether you are doing a commercial move and thus emptying your old offices and setting up new offices at another location, or you are doing a residential move. When a relocation takes place, one of the key issues you face is to make sure your household goods and furniture, in case of a residential move, or your commercial goods and furniture, in case of a commercial relocation, are transported safely from your old location to the new one so that they arrive without any damage. When considering any moving service, it becomes critical to select an experienced moving Company with a good track record that can provide you with a cost estimate before the move actually takes place.

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Typically, when requesting an estimate from a moving company, there are various types of estimates that can be provided to you. Below we list the most common types of estimates provided.

Non binding estimate: Before the move takes place, the moving company provides you with an estimated price based on your evaluation of goods to be moved. The moving company cannot tell you exact price before the actual moving takes place. The exact pricing will be determined on moving day after weighing the goods and make the necessary adjustments in price. The price can be either lower, or higher than the non-binding estimate.

Binding estimates: A binding estimate is when the moving company will ultimately bill you its initially quoted price independently from the weight of the goods. Sometimes to provide you with a binding estimate, the goods have to fit within a specific moving truck size or be reviewed by the moving company before a binding estimate is provided, but check with your moving company for their exact terms and conditions.

Bind not to exceed: In this case, the moving company provides you with an estimate after assessing your goods and in case your goods end up weighing lower than what is estimated, your price is lowered to match the actual weight. Check with the moving company terms and conditions to figure out the exact terms and conditions for your specific relocation. Terms and conditions will change depending on the moving company.