How To Ensure Good Attic Ventilation And How This Helps Extends The Life Of Your Roof

How To Ensure Good Attic Ventilation And How This Helps Extends The Life Of Your Roof

The attic of a home is a place mainly used for storage. Since it is out of sight most of the time, most homeowners don’t pay much attention to that part of the house. Sadly, this leaves the attic with bad ventilation which eventually causes the roof to deteriorate earlier than expected. Homeowners who do not pay close attention to their attic ventilation end up paying for costly roof repairs, which can easily be avoided in the first place.

Before calling your trusted roofers Hanover PA professionals to check on the current state of your attic and roof, here are a few improvements on ventilation you can make and how these changes can positively impact the state of your roof:

Proper Attic Ventilation Tips

Some clear signs of a poorly ventilated attic is a musty smell coming from the area. This indicates that there is moisture trapped inside the attic that can be causing all sorts of structural damage to the roof. Another sign is an increase in energy bills during the summer because the attic turns into an oven. Here are the easiest ways to properly ventilate the room:

Adding Vents

The easiest way to increase attic ventilation is to encourage the circulation of air through vents. Adding a few vents inside the attic will ensure that any trapped moisture and stale air is pushed out as fresh air enters from the outside. There are different types of attic vents to choose from and the right type depends on the structure, slope, and size of the roof.

Common choices of vents are ridge, box, soffit, and gable. All of which a skilled roofing contractor in your area can install with ease.

Installing Attic Fans

A great way to allow air within the attic to circulate better is to let the expert roofers Hanover PA install a few attic fans inside the room. With fans circulating the air inside the attic, there is less chance of moisture and heat buildup to affect the roof and the rest of the house. As long as moisture is not trapped within the attic, the chances of damaging the room and the roof over it are significantly less.

Why Ventilation Is Good For The Roof

The moment the vents are installed or a fan is added to the attic the home will feel very different. The atmosphere will feel fresher and it becomes easier to breathe because the house can easily regulate the internal temperature. As for the roof, the less moisture and humidity trapped within the attic, the less damage it will sustain. There will be less need to call for constant roof repairs and replacements in the near future.

A well-ventilated attic does not allow for mold and mildew growth and the chances of water damage causing a lot of structural trouble are also cut down significantly which ensures the longevity of the roof and the entire house. As long as the attic is both well-insulated and ventilated, there should be very little trouble with the roofing system.

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