How Do You Shop For Custom Sisal Rugs

How Do You Shop For Custom Sisal Rugs

No home is complete without the addition of a few rugs. If you are in the market for a beautiful rug or two, natural fiber rugs are a versatile option. These rugs not only have a wide assortment of designs to choose from, but they also tend to be much more affordable than many other options on the market. For those looking to make their first natural rug purchase, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind.

Rug Placement

Natural fiber rugs are so beautiful that often people pick up two or three without thinking about where they will place them in their home. If you have a large home, that may not be an issue, but it is important to know if you should be buying a more durable rug or one that is more comfortable depending on its intended location.  High traffic areas do well with natural fiber rugs made from seagrass or sisal. In low traffic areas like the bedroom, you can use plush materials like jute or sisal wood.

Know Your Shape

Once you have your placement location in mind, now you will want to focus on the shape of the rug. Measure your space and make sure that you choose a rug that will complement the area but not overwhelm or underwhelm the room. Each area has a different size and shape of rug that will best suit those areas so keep that in mind when choosing a natural sisal fiber rug.

Bring Your Decor To Life

The current aesthetics of your room is another thing to keep in mind when shopping for a sisal fiber rug. The majority of natural fiber rugs come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and textures which are mostly neutral. You can order custom sisal fiber rugs that match your rooms exactly or that are in a specific size or shape if you don’t find any that you like pre-fabricated.

Why Buy Sisal?

There are a lot of reasons to purchase a sisal natural fiber rug aside from their quality and beauty. Sisal fiber is a natural fiber that is easy to source and grows in abundance. These fibers don’t harm the environment but they are extremely resilient and easy to dye. Sisal is also naturally resistant to dirt, is easy to clean and also to care for. Customizing your sisal natural fiber rug is also as simple as choosing custom colors, borders and textures to match your desires.