Window Cleaners – Get to understand this Job

Window Cleaners – Get to understand this Job

There are some simple jobs yet very difficult when you think about doing them. Window cleaning is one of those jobs. Most homeowners remember cleaning their houses when they have some friends or guests coming over. Window cleaning is time consuming and a job that requires a careful person. It is also a difficult and risky job especially when the cleaner has to go up in buildings using ladders. Over the past few years, this job has been made easier by the emergence of new and advanced technology.

The three steps

There are three steps that can be used by window cleaners to make their job easier and get perfect results.

The first step involves the rubbing and scrubbing of the glasses in the windows so to remove all the dirt. Cleaners can use detergent to remove even the stubborn stains and the dirt. The process is done using sponges and other soft materials because glass is fragile and can break when scrubbed with hard materials.

The second step involves the use of a squeegee to remove the water and any other dirt that maybe left from the pores of the glass. This step is the most technical of the three. A professional qualified to operate certain equipment is used for this process.

This is the third and final step and it involves the use of a dry wiper to wipe and dry the glasses leaving them sparkles clean. This can be done by a professional window cleaner since homeowners are always too busy for this work.

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Cleaner’s services

There are many cleaning services companies that have trained and professional employees for this work. These employees are equipped with all the necessary materials and equipment that they require for this work. They have uniforms and badges to identify themselves.

The frames

Window cleaning does not only involve the cleaning of the glass part of the windows but also the frames of these windows. The frames are mostly dusty and most of these frames are metallic. This means that they require care when dealing with them to avoid rusting. The cleaners have also to be careful not to hurt themselves when dealing with these frames.


Window cleaning is a job that requires skills and professionalism in dealing with. The cleaners have to go through a vigorous training on how to use equipment’s and how to behave professionally. Homeowners as well as companies and organizations that operate in big offices always have the option and the pleasure of hiring these professional cleaners for their work. When it comes to offices and big buildings, the work is mostly done when most of the employees are not at work. This kind of work requires commitment and hard work. There is also much equipment that small households can use to do the work themselves. There are also other traditional methods that are applied when cleaning windows. Always be careful when cleaning your windows and have fun doing your window cleaning.