Where’s The Best Spot To Hide Your Spare Key: Here Are Some Tips

Where’s The Best Spot To Hide Your Spare Key: Here Are Some Tips

Forgetting to bring our keys when we leave the house is something we have all experienced at least once in our lifetime. It is very common and getting stuck outside of our own home can be an embarrassing situation. Calling your local Westminster locksmith during an emergency is the best solution to your current circumstance, but it isn’t a sustainable option.

Instead of having your Westminster locksmith on speed dial, save yourself some trouble and follow these tips on where to hide a spare key for emergencies:

Tip 1: Skip The Doormat

Doormats are the most typical and easy to detect hiding places for keys. Anyone who walks up to your home can easily lift the mat, take the key, and have full access to your home when no one is around. We’ve all seen this hiding spot in the movie, so avoid it at all cost.

Tip 2: Wired Up

Since placing the spare key under the mat is not a great option, why not get creative with hiding the key? Put a few dummy keys on a wire and put them up with some wind chimes. Not only will the would-be burglar struggle to keep quiet while untangling the wire of keys from the wind chimes they also have to work hard trying to find the right key for the door.

This is a very risky technique, especially since the key is in plain sight, but no would-be burglar wants to alert neighbors of their presence so they will most likely avoid the touching the chimes to get to the keys.

Tip 3: Stay Away From Other Obvious Hiding Spots

Another common idea for stashing spare keys is under or inside a rock. This is a very old trick and it can be easy to spot a fake rock in the garden or find the one that been removed from its place several times already. While you’re at it, avoid the flower pot too, people can just as easily get their fingers on your keys when they are hidden under these obvious choices.

Tip 4: A Mix Of Keys

Another good technique of hiding a spare key within plain sight is to grab a mason jar and fill it up with dummy keys that look nearly identical to your house keys. Put the real key inside the jar and shake it up to mix everything. Hide the jar in a place that isn’t easy to spot for added security. This method will give the intruder a lot of trouble finding the right key, but it can also be time-consuming when you’re in a hurry to get inside your home.

Tip 5: Behind The AC

Homeowners that have a free-standing AC unit can use this to their advantage. Pick a spot that isn’t very easy to access and isn’t very visible to the public eye. Use super glue to stick a strong magnet to the body of the AC and put the spare key in its place.

Be careful about where you choose to hide your spare key. The more creative you become, the less likely an intruder will break inside your home.

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