Various Types of Bidets that Works Great with Your Newly Furnished Bathroom

Various Types of Bidets that Works Great with Your Newly Furnished Bathroom

Over the years, bidets have transformed from the traditional enormous ceramic bidet that is large enough to take up half of a bathroom.

Nowadays, there are two types of bidets. We have the traditional porcelain bidet and the toilet seat bidet that is more compact.

Ceramic Bidets

These types of bidets were first developed in as early as the 1900s. It provides bathrooms with a never fading touch of class. Despite the little changes that it has undergone as the years passed, bidets have been under a series of significant modifications.

The ceramic bidet has two kinds: wall mounted, and floor mounted. Wall mounted bidets are mostly paired with wall mounted toilets and give a bathroom a modern look and exquisite ambiance.  On the other hand, floor-mounted bidets have become more familiar with its different styles that range from antique to contemporary. This type has almost every bidet style available for every kind of bathroom.

The reason why ceramic toilets aren’t as famous as the small toilet seat bidet is the lack of space. Since most people’s bathrooms aren’t as large as others, there isn’t enough space to accommodate ceramic bidets.

If you want a ceramic bidet, you first have to consider the space that it will take up and design your bathroom to fit a ceramic bidet without taking up most of the floor area.

Toilet-Seat Bidets

Thankfully, technology has made it possible to develop a smaller toilet-seat bidet. Because of this, these types of bidets have drastically increased in sales. A lot of people bought these bidets because of its affordability, compactness, convenience, and benefits.

This type can go for as low as 30 dollars to 1000 dollars so if you’re on a budget; you bet you can still purchase a cheap bidet that has the same benefit as the expensive ones.

There are two types of this toilet-seat bidet: we have the electric and non-electric bidets.

Non-electric bidets prices are mostly less than 100 dollars. A basic unit comes with only one option that is a cold water wash. With higher priced toilet-seat bidets, additional features include warm water, feminine wash, and self-cleaning function just to name a few.

Meanwhile, we have the electric bidet that has numerous features. Unlike non-electric bidets, electric bidets give you the option of deciding how warm your water is. A favorite among customers is the toilet seat heater. You won’t experience any cold toilet seats during the winter. Offering every possible option available in the market, the prices of these bidets increase with every added feature. An example of this type is the Biobidet.

Hand-held Bidet

Just as its name implies, a hand-held bidet is a hose that has one end connected to a water supply and a spray on the other. These bidets are cheap and give more control with its spray but are hard to position with accuracy.

Portable Bidet

Best for traveling, portable bidets are a bottle type device. These come in options as a kind of a water bottle or a battery-powered automatic spray.

All in all, if you’re planning on buying a bidet, first determine your needs and find the bidet that suits your needs.