Five Common Air-Conditioning Problems That You Should Be Aware Of

Five Common Air-Conditioning Problems That You Should Be Aware Of

Lack of cold air

This could signify that the refrigerant in the air conditioner (A/C)needs to be checked. The refrigerant is a chemical that cools the air. There could be a leak in the system if there is less refrigerant in your A/C. Refrigerant leaks are dangerous for the environment.

There are quality fixers of AC in Houston if you live in the Texas region. The refrigerant is the part of the ac that ensures that the air released by it is cold.

Another reason for the cold air is if the air filter is dirty. If it is dirty, it will be difficult for the ac to release cold air. Try aiming for a monthly clean for your A/C.

Sometimes, the reason why the room is not getting cold is you bought an A/C that is too small. It needs to be the right size and have the right horsepower to enable it to cool an area.

You should also check that hot air isn’t getting in the area or cold air isn’t leaving the room. You can use pieces of weather strips to seal the area around your ac unit.

AC turning on or off repeatedly (known as short cycling)

This problem could mean that your condenser or evaporator needs to be cleaned. Dirt clogs up the A/C and will prevent smooth running of your A/C.

Another possible reason for this problem is humidity which heats up your home. This makes the A/C work harder than usual and could result in it turning on or off repeatedly.

Water Drips

This could mean that the condensate line which is the PVC pipe exiting the A/C is clogged. Compressed air might be needed to declog it.  The drip pan could be overflowing, and this can lead to rust on the furnace which is a dangerous situation.

Noisy A/C

Strange sounds like a screech or a squeal coming from your A/C could indicate a motor or blower assembly problem. If you hear these sounds, it’s best to switch off your A/C and call an A/C specialist. Let them be the ones to put lubricant on the oil port if it’s just a minor problem.

Another possible reason for a loud and powerful sign coming out from your A/C is if there is a debris stuck on the blower blades. Let an A/C specialist remove the debris for you to ensure safety.

The worst case scenario is you’ll need a new fan blade or fan motor.

The A/C won’t switch on. 

Unless it’s just the remote control needing new batteries, this could be a big problem. The main culprit for this is a burnt-out compressor, and this means you have to replace it.

Try to get a new A/C every five years to ensure optimal operation as it is costly to replace the compressor. Look to have aircon specialists do regular maintenance on your A/Cs so that it can last longer and prevent unnecessary repairs.