Finding a Good Plumber – How to Get it Right

Finding a Good Plumber – How to Get it Right

With plumbing being one of the oldest trades around you might think it was easy to find a reliable plumber with good work ethics offering all types of plumbing. After all, they’ve had plenty of generations to understand what works! A good plumber will be in demand which can make them hard to get hold of. An emergency callout can be an expensive business. However, if the job is not done right the first time this can be even more expensive as well as stressful. While there are certainly plenty of cowboys around, there are ways to ensure you get an experienced plumber at the right price. Here’s some of them to get you on the right road.

Licenced Tradesman

If they are not licensed there is usually a good reason for that – Very likely they have feeble work ethics as well as skills – grab the money and run so to speak! Rule one, stay away from these amateurs. Good plumbers are usually keen to be licensed.


The damage water can do is quite phenomenal. If you opt for a licenced plumber, they will be insured. Even if you have home insurance, while it will cover accidental damage, it may not cover you for allowing an amateur to repair your plumbing – After all, you allowed them to work so it is not exactly an accident! Make sure they are insured and can protect you if it all goes wrong.


If they do not have references pass by. Immediately! Friends and neighbours might be able to recommend a good plumber. In the UK, Which? Has a “trusted traders” website and are renowned for their impartial advice will regards to tradesman, products and services. Without doubt, well worth investigation.

Long Term or Fly by Night?

The bottom line is, a reputable company that consistently completes good work will stay in business (although of course, there are exceptions to the rule). The main drawback with well renowned companies is, it can be hard to get a slot. They tend to be booked well in advance. New companies with good recommendations (so far) can be a good bet. They will have better availability and while they have not been around long, if their work record is good, why not?


If the plumber is not willing to give any guarantee on their work this is not a good sign. If they cannot be confident, how can you? If they do offer a guarantee check it over, get it in writing and look for the small print!


Like most things, it is always best to get several quotes before making any commitments. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money. If one quote seems high make a point of asking why. A cheap quote might be so because they are cutting corners. If that is the case, make sure you know that. Be cautious of plumbers that will quote over the phone. Could be they are just extremely experienced, or it could be they are willing to just throw some numbers around to get the job. That can open the door for more problems later – And you certainly do not want that!