Bouclé – The Internet’s Favourite Fuzzy Fabric 

Bouclé – The Internet’s Favourite Fuzzy Fabric 

Cosy, luxurious, and huggable are only the few words people use to describe bouclé material. But what is it about these cream-white sofas and marshmallow chairs that garnered so much attention? What exactly is bouclé, and is it really worth the hype?

Whether you’re curious about this dream-like fabric or looking for the perfect piece to complete your aesthetic, this article will serve as a quick guide to bouclé. 

What is Bouclé?

Bouclé (pronounced “boo-clay”) comes from the French word “boucler”, which means curled or ringed. It is made from wool, cotton, linen, and silk fibres. The fabric is made of looped yarns, creating a unique texture compared to other textiles. 

It is dense yet breathable, all the while having a cloud-like feel that makes any furniture feel like a cosy nest of pillows. 

How is Bouclé designed?

Bouclé has been used in a wide variety of furniture designs and upholstery. Depending on your tastes, you can find bouclé fabric in furniture, from retro to modern aesthetics, to neutral tones such as soft cream, to bolder ones such as emerald green and warm orange. 

Because of its soft and cosy traits, bouclé can be used for cushions, headboards, sofas, chairs, pouffes, and cushions. Bouclé pieces usually come in rounded and curved designs, creating a calming and elegant atmosphere. Its thickness also offers enough acoustic absorption and durability, making it a low-maintenance fabric. 

Is Bouclé worth it?

When it comes to design, bouclé is considered timeless for a reason. Comfy sofas and lounges can make an entire room feel warm. Meanwhile, subtle statement pieces such as stools and cushions elevate your home. 

Like other fabrics, bouclé is prone to staining from spills and can be damaged by fur and scratches from pets. But it’s durable compared to other materials and can be easily cleaned by gentle machine washing and vacuuming. For cushions and pillows, it’s best to regularly fluff and puff them, as this keeps soft and comfortable.

Bouclé is also available at a wide range of prices, and is generally more affordable than other high-end fabrics, such as sherpa and sheepskin. 


Bouclé is a beautiful, durable, and affordable material that can create a sense of comfort and calmness in any room. With its uniquely soft texture and cosy designs, any piece made from this fabric can freshen up your home, making it feel like a dream. 

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