Benefits of Boat Storage in Tarpon Springs

Benefits of Boat Storage in Tarpon Springs

Rather than hauling your boat home and then maintaining it all off-season, consider all these reasons to have the boat stored at a storage facility. Not only will your boat be ready the day the new season arrives, it will be in the best possible shape. Here are just a few reasons to consider using the boat storage Tarpon Springs FL facility. 

Protection from Harsh Weather 

When you store your boat at your residence, unless you know how to wrap the vessel correctly, it’s going to be exposed to harsh weather conditions day in and out. Regardless if you have severe rain or hurricane force winds in your area, things like fluctuating temperatures can begin to cause wear and tear on different components of the boat. The extreme temperature changes in Florida, combined with the change of a severe storm any afternoon, increase the risk of something damaging your boat. 

By selecting dry boat storage, there is less chance of anything weather related affecting the integrity of the boat. Once the vessel is wrapped, it will be shielded from this like the extreme sun, strong winds, and flying debris. 

Freeing Up Space at Home 

When the boat is stored in your driveway or side of the house, it is not only taking up valuable space, it can be a real eyesore during the off-season. Many communities in Florida are deed-restricted, meaning the association has rules and regulations on the books that prohibit residents of that community from keeping things like disabled vehicles, an RV, or a boat, stored anywhere on the property. If the boat trailer is parked in the driveway, you might not have access to the garage or may be forced to park your vehicle on the street. 

Keeping your boat in storage means you take back your property and will have that peace of mind knowing the security at the boat storage facility are closely monitoring your boat each day to ensure nothing happens to it. 

Boat Maintenance and Repairs 

One advantage to keeping your boat in storage is the storage facility will have a service department available that can tend to the needs of your watercraft while it is on the property. Expert boat technicians will carefully prepare your boat as the colder weather approaches, draining fluids, sealing the vessel, and making any needed repairs. Having the oil changed or the boat detailed will help it stay in the best possible condition until your next time on the water. 

Instead of having to prepare the boat yourself when the first day of the new season arrives, all you’ll need to do is drive to the dock and your boat is ready for any adventure. All maintenance issues are taken care of by a team of skilled professionals. 

Not only will you have peace of mind knowing your boat is protected, it has been maintained so that the second it hits the water, it will be ready to help create new adventures and memories.