Be Aware of the Process of House Building in Australia

Be Aware of the Process of House Building in Australia

House building timeline in Australia - how long does it really take? -  Lofty Building Group

If you have decided to build a new house then it is one of the great opportunities of your life. Also, you get the opportunity to build your home with your own style and personality. 

However, there is plenty of work that needs to be done within the scheduled time and also within your budget.

As such, there are going to be several stages to your building process. Therefore, before discussing with builder Brisbane, it is good to be aware of all these stages.

Pre-construction stage

Once you have the necessary approvals from the local authority the following process will start.

  • Concept development

You need to consult with a designer along with your family and develop a basic concept of the building.

  • Costing and financing

Based on the above, you need to get an estimated budgetary cost and make arrangements for finance.

  • Choosing a builder

You need to choose your builder very carefully after obtaining recommendations.

  • Site investigations and approvals

Before you go to the next step, you must have completed site investigations and got approvals.

Construction stage

This process is the most important one that takes maximum time. The following are the steps involved:

  • Site preparation

Your plot of land may be uneven that needs to be made construction-ready. 

  • Laying foundations

Basic foundation work will start next.

  • Framing

This will include everything from walls to roof sheeting, gutters, and also cladding.

  • Lock up

After this stage, the internal work will start.

  • Fix

This is the time various installations of fittings will be done.

  • Practical completion

Here the final shape will be given.

Post-construction stage

During this stage, your builder is going to hand over the building to you. You need to do the necessary inspections to check whether anything is still incomplete. 

After that, you must plan for moving into your house.