7 Bathroom Décor Trends 2018

7 Bathroom Décor Trends 2018

With some fundamental design choices, you can update the vibe of your bathroom in just a few minutes. Every year, trends for home décor change, but trends for bathroom don’t change so fast. However,a small transformation to your existing bathroom can keep it fresh and trendy. So, get tips from us and Personalize Your Bathroom with these Exciting Decoration Ideas.

Monochrome Style

If you don’t want to deal with colors this year, don’t worry. Monochrome-styled bathrooms are back in style. Going with Monochrome is very easy;you need to select a color and decorate it with different shades of the chosen color. Typically, everything you need is from one color belt of your favorite ink company. You can select a white tile (of course with different patterns and textures) with little gold shades to bring extra shine to your bathroom.

More Storage

Minimum storage bathrooms are outdated,but it is practical. Nevertheless, storage should not mean ugly space; there are countless good-looking ways to add storage space to your bathroom without getting in the form of your style of decoration. You can focus on the remaining edges, tops, and areas below the level of the eye. Even in smaller bathrooms, you can have more space than you think!

Bamboo Flooring

Did you know bamboos can grow a few centimeters a day? This rapid growth, coupled with low water demand and high durability, makes bamboo a springy, green material of the future. In 2018, most of the bathrooms feature bamboo style designs, that make them look great.

Stone Vessel Sinks

Vessel Sinks has become the beginning of the list of trends for years, but for 2018 one thing is clear: manually written stones are must-have for this year. Handmade stoneshave a rich systematic finish and can be very inconstant. You can use some stone block carved by hand into a vessel sink. Choose something that looks different from inside and outside. It will enhance the beauty of the bathroom.

Escaping to the Spa

In an era when we are more boisterous than ever, a paradise for relaxation is a necessity. That is the reason behind plenty of spa-like bathrooms with deep soaking tubs, muted lighting, and a lot of soft textures. Also, to bring extra beauty to your bathroom, you can add smooth river stones and plants to corners.

Showers with Metal Frames

According to the experts, this year is mainly focused on metal-framed showers. From past few years, these metal-framed showersare trending and is proudlygrowing. Many hotels and guest house owners have switched to this contemporary bathroom style. This gives a classy look to the bathroom.

Affordable and Practical Ceramics

Thanks to the remarkable developments in design technology, ceramic tiles have become beautifulunlike anything else, while statingreasonable prices. Grass, granite, marble, even wood grain: Ceramics can now take up preferred luxury materials without the tag of luxury. You can use the chevron installation style with slate or dark grey ceramic tile. Without spending dollars on fancy tiles, you can give a smart look to your bathroom.

Also, add some cool light effects and make your bathroom space more programmed.