Safety Precautions to Observe with Belt Sander

If you compare the operations of any belt sander with circular saws or bladed power tool then you will find that working with powered belt sander is much simpler and safer. In spite of this, the person handling this tool must understand that belt sander is a very heavy piece of equipment and also it has plenty of power too.

If you do not observe general precautions and do not follow its proper operating instructions then it can also become too dangerous to handle. Therefore, you need to follow few safety rules while handling with such belt sander or any other kind of power tool.

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  • You must maintain your work area perfectly clean and there must be enough light present in the area and no debris are allowed to be present nearby. If there is any dust particles and flammable liquids nearby then you must clean it. During the operation the belt sander may create sparks that can ignite if there is any debris around.
  • Prefer not to carry the power tool with cord attached with it, as it may cause ripping of the cord. In case, the cord gets damaged then it must be immediately replaced with new one.
  • Never wear any loose clothes, watches or jewelry item where spark may damage it. In case you have long hair then you must tie it up properly.
  • Use all kinds of safety gears like safety goggles, mask for dust, and protection for ear and safety helmet. Do not consider your normal eye glasses or sunglasses are the alternate of safety goggles.
  • Always ensure that your power switch of belt sander is in off position before you apply power on the equipment.
  • Make sure that there is adequate protection of the equipment from rain water or any other source of water.
  • Some sanders are attached with dust bag and if it is with your sander then ensure that it is properly attached with the spout in secure manner.
  • Before you start your tool, you must inspect the condition of belt and make sure it is not damaged.
  • While you are using any work piece for grinding then make sure that it is properly secured on your working bench. If there is no arrangement provided on the tool then find out how work piece can be properly secured mechanically. If it is not properly secured then it can pose a danger to the person working with the tool and also any other people around that place.
  • Stand on a comfortable position near the tool and do not try to over reach while you are sanding, otherwise you may lose your balance. Keep both your hands on the sander and also make your movement accordingly so that you have better control over the total operation of the sander. You must also wear proper footwear while working with the tool.
  • Make sure that while you are working with the sander and power tool you are perfectly alert and not under the influence of any kind of drug, medication or alcohol.